Busy light

Multiple purposes:

In a world where technology and innovation play an increasingly significant role, Plenom A/S has positioned itself as a leading player in the development of indicator lights.

Regardless of the commands sent to the light indicator, the mission is always the same: to inform people about critical factors or times when extra attention is required.

Indicator lights can be applied in various ways in different situations and environments. Complex decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming, and choices often need to be made quickly and accurately. In such scenarios, even the smallest assistance can be crucial.

Indicator lights provides clarity

A small light indicator can serve as a guide in this process by creating a visual representation of the steps to follow or the important parameters. This can provide clarity and structure to decision-making, helping to reduce uncertainty.

All in all, a small light indicator can be a great aid in making the right decisions in a complex and rapidly changing daily routine.

It can nudge you, guide you, and inspire you to take the right steps. When it’s time to act, the indicator light sends clear color-coded signals about the best way forward. By responding to these signals, people can make quick and well-founded decisions.

By providing clarity and structure to decision-making, the indicator light contributes to preventing overlooked details and mistakes.

With our innovative approach and focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly products, we have developed several groundbreaking products that have a profound impact on the places where they are used.

Busylight in the Modern Office

Modern offices are often filled with various tasks and distractions, making the challenge of interruptions particularly relevant.

But how can we prevent them?

Research shows that interruptions, noise, and misinformation can significantly impact productivity, and kuando Busylight addresses this challenge in multiple ways with its various features.

So, the next time you see a Busylight on a colleague’s desk, you can be sure that you are facing a workplace that understands the importance of uninterrupted productivity and actively works to create the optimal work environment that attracts people and allows them to make their office life easier.

Busylight is a product with incredible functionality.


Get visible status outside the meeting rooms.


Microsoft 365 – Meeting Rooms 

The busylight integrates with all Microsoft 365 Spaces.

Huddle Rooms – first-come, first-taken

A motion sensor inside the meeting room will activate the busylight outside the room.

Mute the Ringtones

Use Busylight as a blinking light when the phone rings.

Avoid noise.

Busylight has a feature where it blinks when there is an incoming call. By turning off the ringtones on the phone/computer and instead letting Busylight blink, the office avoids the noise from loud phones every day.


Create an overview of which employees are available.

Busylight shows the user’s real-time status using a simple color-coding system, indicating whether the person is available, busy, in a call, or focused on an important task.

Busylight allows employees to communicate their status in an easily understandable way before colleagues approach them, resulting in a more structured and harmonious workplace.

This creates an office environment where staff is not unnecessarily disturbed, and they can work more efficiently.


Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb – helps maintain concentration

To avoid being disturbed and concentrate on a task, you can set Busylight to display “do not disturb.”

Your colleagues can quickly see that they shouldn’t disturb you when the light is on.

It’s necessary to work undisturbed during the workday for both productivity and well-being.

Pomodoro Technique

Work focused and undisturbed in intervals to improve productivity

Busylight has a timer function that allows an employee to set the light to alert others that they are focused and do not want to be disturbed.

At the same time, the employee can use the light to structure their own time in intervals by focusing on specific tasks while the light timer is set.

External Ringer for Incoming Calls

Busylight has a built-in speaker and ringtones that can be used as an external audio device for incoming calls.

Busylight can be used as an external speaker that rings for incoming calls to make life easier for both employees and the IT department.

This way, you can avoid dealing with computer audio settings, as Busylight is set to ring for incoming calls by default.

It’s easy, functional, and reliable.

Busylight.com is the sales and marketing department for Plenom A/S, the creator of Kuando Busylight.

Our mission is to increase awareness of Kuando Busylight products, ensuring workplaces worldwide understand the significance and value of implementing our products in the office environment.

We take pride in our products and enjoy inspiring our customers to explore and make use of the diverse features that these small indicator lights offer.