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LoRaWAN Class C device

Cues, Nudging & Notification

General specifications for kuando Busylight IoT Omega:

  • Supports frequencies for EU863-870, US902-928 and AU915-928 LoRaWAN bands
  • Multi color RGB LED light
  • Color, brightness and flashing can be customized through LoRaWAN payload
  • 360 degree visibility.
  • Power via 3 mtr./9 foot USB cord. USB Power adaptor incl.

kuando Busylight IoT Omega

for LoRaWan networks

The kuando Busylight IoT for LoRaWAN networks is a class C LoRaWAN device and can be installed in a large variety of use cases.

Through the LoRaWAN downlink package, the Busylight can be programmed to show any color and used as a visual notifier, indicating a certain event, status or as a cue for specific handling.

Installing the Busylight in networks combined with Class A sensors will complete the IoT experience and the use cases are basically endless. Examples could be:

  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Office desk availability
  • Parking lot availability
  • Cue for calendar event
  • Indicator for status in test or production line
  • Indicator for bin availability in the warehouse
  • Temperature/humidity/CO2/ indicator

The Product is CE; FCC, RCM and RoHS certified.

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