kuando Busylight Combi

Work without being interrupted

For everyone who needs to concentrate at work without being interrupted.

Daily distractions and unwanted interruptions in the open office environment result in lost efficiency and poor work quality.

Get started in 2 minutes

Connect busylight to the phone/headset.

Adjust settings and installation


Installation of kuando Busylight Combi


Take the headset cord out of the telephone and insert the pre-installed cord from the Busylight box into the telephone instead.

Insert the headset cord (that was in the telephone before) in the front of the Busylight box.

Insert the cord for the Busylight lamp into the Busylight box and mount the lamp on your screen (or another visible place) with the round tape. Avoid placing the lamp in direct sunlight.

Connect power to the Busylight box with the USB cord.

Fix the Busylight box to the table using the rectangular tape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Busylight Combi

What headsets and telephones does Busylight Combi support?
Type  Desk phones Mobile phones Softphones
Corded headsets Yes (all brands) No No
Wireless headsets Yes (all brands) No No
Bluetooth headsets No No No
Can I get an extention cord for the Busylight Combi?

Yes, you can purchase a 10-metre extension cord. Many people use this to place the Busylight outside their office door. Contact your supplier to learn more.

Can I connect both my handset and headset to the Busylight box?

The standard box for Busylight Combi only allows you to connect either your headset or your handset.

Can I connect Busylight Combi to my mobile phone?

No, sorry.

Can I use Bluetooth?

No, sorry. Busylight Combi supports corded and wireless headsets with a base, but not Bluetooth.

What colors do the Busylight Combi use?

Red: Busy on the phone

Blue: Do Not Disturb

Does the Busylight Combi have Call Alert similar to Busylight UC?

No, sorry. Busylight Combi does not offer any call alerts.

If a call is put on hold, will the Busylight Combi still show them on a call?

If a call is put on hold, and the mic is still active, then your voice will keep the light on if you are talking.

If you mute the call and then go on hold, then the light will go off, since your voice (talking) is not heard.

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