Busylight is a part of modern facilities in more than 50 countries.

Our vision is to deliver light indicators that guide people to take the best possible decision at the right time in the right place.

By delivering the “nudges” that support any environment to keep the optimal flow – we help prevent leaks, disorders, interruptions, damages, and danger.

We believe this is a contribution to creating a better world.

Explore this page and get inspired to see how the many different features can assist your employees and workspace.


Busylight UC

For the open office

2 Designs – same functionality

Mute the Ringtones

Use Busylight UC as a blinking light when the phone rings. Avoid noise.

Do Not Disturb

Allowing employees to stay focused and productive.


Create an overview of which employees are available.

Pomodoro Technique

Work focused and undisturbed in intervals to improve productivity

External Ringer

Busylight UC has a built-in speaker and ringtones that can be used as an external audio device for incoming calls.

Busylight.com is the sales and marketing department for Plenom A/S, the creator of Kuando Busylight.

Our mission is to increase awareness of Kuando Busylight products, ensuring workplaces worldwide understand the significance and value of implementing our products in the office environment.

We take pride in our products and enjoy inspiring our customers to explore and make use of the diverse features that these small indicator lights offer.