Everyone is “unavailable” in the open office.


Discover the impact and find inspiration to regain teamwork in the workplace.


Background: Many workplaces are experiencing an increasing tendency for employees to isolate themselves to avoid interruptions and boost their own productivity. While the desire for uninterrupted work can increase individual productivity and provide peace, it can have significant negative consequences. An excessive focus on individual work can be challenging for overall creativity, innovation, and team spirit in the company.

Five years ago, everyone struggled with interruptions in the open office because everyone was essentially ‘available’ when they were at their desks. It was impossible to see if people needed to work concentrated and undisturbed. 

Everyone worked together across different areas, constantly interrupting each other, which ended up being very disruptive and unproductive.

Today, it is the opposite in open offices. 

People wear headphones and have shielded themselves from their colleagues. Or they work from home.

Everyone has become ‘unavailable’. 

Despite digital tools, online meetings, etc., the situation seems equally critical among companies.

Collaboration between employees is declining. And it continues.


Create a Culture that Promotes Teamwork:

Experience shows that isolation between colleagues reduces spontaneous communication, delays information sharing, and diminishes the sense of community. Headphones create a physical barrier that can make it difficult to get a person’s attention without physically touching them or waving vigorously. 

This can hinder creativity, as there are fewer opportunities for collective brainstorming and innovation. Team dynamics can weaken due to less frequent feedback and an increased risk of conflicts.

Companies should strive to create a dynamic and productive work environment that supports both focus, collaboration, and team spirit.




  • Signal Availability: Make it clear when employees are available for conversation, even if they are using headphones.
  • Promote Respect for Focus: Enable colleagues to respect periods of undisturbed work, while also knowing when it is appropriate to approach someone.
  • Increase Communication: Contribute to a culture where it is easier to assess and respect colleagues’ work rhythms and needs.

Better visibility of colleagues’ availability helps remove the barrier that limits interaction with employees. Teamwork provides numerous benefits that enhance creativity, problem-solving, efficiency, decision-making, work relationships, and employee well-being.




  • Brainstorming: Teamwork encourages brainstorming, where multiple viewpoints can generate new ideas that an individual might not have considered.
  • Collective Expertise: A team combines members’ expertise, making it easier to tackle complex problems that may be too challenging for an individual.
  • Support and Motivation: Working in teams often increases morale and motivation, as members support and encourage each other, leading to higher overall productivity.
  • Diverse Input: Teams can make more balanced and informed decisions by considering input from multiple members, which can lead to innovative solutions and creative ideas.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork fosters collaboration and builds stronger relationships among employees, leading to a more cohesive and positive work environment.
  • Common Goals: Teams work towards common goals, promoting a sense of ownership and accountability among members.



Busylight shows employees’ availability.

Busylight is about helping employees work together.


Available: The green light is positive and invites collaboration.

Busy: The red light helps prevent unnecessary interruptions.


Busylight is a standalone work tool that works independently or in conjunction with other solutions. 

Although individual performance is essential, many companies have become aware of the issues with a singular focus on individual needs, and Busylight’s popularity has grown significantly in recent years.

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