Welcoming Al Zubair Group as Our New Partners

by Plenom

Enhancing Productivity in the Middle East, India, and Africa:

We are happy to introduce our latest partners in the Middle East – Al Zubair Group. With their dedicated mission to implement the Kuando Busylight UC across the region, including the Middle East, India, and Africa, we’re poised to revolutionize workspace productivity.

Headquartered in the UAE, Al Zubair Group boasts regional offices strategically positioned in key markets such as KSA, Qatar, Kenya, and India. Their extensive network ensures seamless support and expertise throughout the region, promising exceptional service to our valued customers.

We look forward to our collaboration with Al Zubair Group, working hand in hand to empower offices in the region with the productivity-enhancing capabilities of the Busylight. Together, we’re committed to driving efficiency and success in workplaces across the Middle East, India, and Africa.

Curious to learn more about Al Zubair Group? Dive deeper into their story here. Join us on this journey towards a more productive and thriving workspace environment.