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We have developed indicator lights

with visual and audio features

that help guide, alert and facilitate

efficient modern facilities and smart buildings

Busylight is a part of modern facilities in more than 50 countries.

Our vision is to deliver light indicators that guide people to take the best possible decision at the right time in the right place.

By delivering the “nudges” that support any environment to keep the optimal flow – we help prevent leaks, disorders, interruptions, damages, and danger.

We believe this is a contribution to creating a better world.

Explore this page and get inspired to see how the many different features can assist your employees and workspace.


Presence & Ringer

Busylight UC – 2 Designs – same functionality

The only difference is the size/shape of the products and mounting options. 

When you purchase our Busylight UC,

you automatically gain access to all features.

Avoid the noise from ringing phones.

Are you constantly being disturbed by phones ringing?

The Busylight allows you to turn off the ringtones and replace them with a smooth, quite flashing light.

Do you always know who’s available?

With the Busylight you will never be in doubt if your colleagues are available or not.

The simple colors of the light visually indicate if you are in a call, busy, away, or if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Busylight is a simple way to avoid unnecessary interruptions allowing for a better workflow in the office.

Optimize your productivity with the kuando Timer

If you pair the Busylight with our free Premium Software, kuandoHUB, you will find the kuando Timer. It is based on the popular Pomodoro Technique, where you focus on one task for a certain amount of time.

The kuando Timer syncs up with your Busylight. The light then indicates when it is time to focus and when it is time to take a small break.

Your colleagues will also know when you are in focus mode thanks to the light visually communicating that you want to work uninterrupted.

Never miss a call or message again!

The Busylight comes with a built-in speaker and ringtones, so you never miss a call or message again.

You can customize the volume and ringtones through the Busylight app.

Microsoft 365 Bookable Spaces

A visual indicator that signals when a meeting room is booked or available.

The solution offers a simple and easy way to get a visible status of your Microsoft 365 Spaces.

The solution integrates with all your Microsoft 365 Spaces that are created as a resource in the Microsoft 365 admin centerThe solution monitors the booking status and updates the Busylights in real time.

Busylight WorkSpaces

Flexible & Non-bookable Spaces

Do you have flexible and non-bookable workspaces, such as small meeting rooms, desks, telephone booths, huddle rooms, changing rooms, or restrooms?

If so, kuando Busylight WorkSpaces can support these spaces by incorporating a motion sensor at each location.

This installation allows the Busylight to display the availability status, keeping users informed about the workspaces’ current status.

Busylight IoT Omega

A highly customizable visual notifier that can be programmed to display any color in limitless use cases.

The kuando Busylight IoT for LoRaWAN networks is a class C LoRaWAN device and can be installed in a large variety of use cases.

Examples could be:

  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Office desk availability
  • Cue for calendar event
  • Status in test or production line
  • Indicator for bin availability in the warehouse
  • Temperature/humidity/CO2/ indicator

Busylight.com is the sales and marketing department for Plenom A/S, the creator of Kuando Busylight.

Our mission is to increase awareness of Kuando Busylight products, ensuring workplaces worldwide understand the significance and value of implementing our products in the office environment.

We take pride in our products and enjoy inspiring our customers to explore and make use of the diverse features that these small indicator lights offer.